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Black Friday

November 27, 2009

All blue and Filete for this tanguera´s skirt !!

Pollera azul fileteada


Happy thanksgiving

November 27, 2009
Put all your best wishes here and show gratitude!!

Thanks giving´s bag

wearing Filete porteño

November 17, 2009

Black skirt and colorfull pants

Colorful filete porteño

Butterflyes… Mariposas

November 6, 2009

ble butterflieMariposa roja en cara con musho helado!

t- shirts and skirts

November 4, 2009
Black T-shirt & Filete porteño

tulips and filete porteño

skirts and Filete porteño

design and filete porteño

t-shirt and race

November 2, 2009

Formula Renault metropolitana ... María abbate competición
Remera para competición de autos